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Welcome to The Ponder Box! For educators across the world to access visually captivating, engaging and effective teaching English resources! The Ponder Box offers a wide rnage of teaching, learning and assessment resources for all types of English teachers, whether you’re teaching preschool / kindergarten students how to read with sight words and phonics, or you’re a secondary / high school teacher looking for worksheets and English lesson ideas on teaching English language, literature or ESL. Whether you’re teaching English language skills to children online, at home or in the classroom, for a public or private school, in the UK or in an international institute, we’ve got you covered! Explore our website to see the vast array of resources we have available for teaching English. All of these resources have been tried and tested by teachers worldwide! Subscribe to our monthly updates newsletter for teacher freebies! Get your hands on our monthly free worksheets for K-12 (Early years to A-Levels). 

Primary School Resources

Engage your little learners with well developed and effective English teaching, learning and assessment resources. Explore our range of primary school resources here. From phonics flashcards to sight words, from learning the English alphabet to story telling worksheets, from handwriting practice to learning to read – explore our printable worksheets and other primary school resources. You may also find a freebie or two!

Secondary School Resources

Captivate your pre-teen and teenage students with our host of secondary school worksheets and learning activities. From whole schemes of work to free printables and worksheets for teachers, the 19th century novel to Shakespeare. Explore our key stage 3-4 resources here for the UK National curriculum, GCSE and iGCSE, ELA MYC, IB and more!

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The UK National curriculum is divided into 5 key stages. KS1 covers children between the ages of 5-7 in years 1 and 2 of primary school (Kindergarten and Grade 1 in US and most international school systems). KS2 covers children between the ages of 7-11, in years 3-6 of primary school (grades 2-5 in the US and most international school systems). KS3 covers secondary school students aged 11-14, in years 7-9 (grades 6-9 in the US and many international school systems), and KS4 covers students aged 14-16 years of age in secondary (grades 9 – 12, and most international school systems). You can search for our wide range of educational teaching, learning and assessment resources by the appropriate key stage by following the links below. 

AS & A-Level Language & Literature

Explore our wide range of teaching, learning and assessing AS and A-Level English Language and Literature resources. Use these for AS / A-Level Language or Literature review material or use our printable A-Level / AS Level teaching activities and worksheets. 

The Ponder Box Blog

Follow The Ponder Box Blog for all things education related! Whether your looking for expert tips on classroom management, how to develop your pedagogy, differentiation, ESL teaching, teaching and travel, the latest developments in 21st century education or something else.

Looking for curriculum specific resources?

Whether you’re looking for GCSE English Language or Literature revision, teaching, learning and/or assessment materials, or you’re searching for the international curriculum / international baccalaureate curriculum resources, we have resources some of the most popular curriculums around. You might be an English teacher who teaches internationally in an IB world school, or at an iGCSE school or IPC / IMYC curriculum taught institute. We have a huge range of resources to suit every curriculum, whether in the UK or internationally. Explore our wide range of curriculum specific resources for the UK National Curriculum, GCSE, iGCSE, IPC, IMYC and the IB program. 


"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn"

Natalie Hayes

Author and Creator of The Ponder Box and Blog

Welcome to The Ponder Box! My name is Natalie, I am the creator of all things education and English focused. I am so excited that you have chosen to visit my creation! Ten years ago I fell into the world of education and after teaching children from all around the world, from as young as 3 all the way up to adult learners, in homes, schools, online and even the odd coffee shop, I am still just as passionate about quality teaching and learning as I was when I first started out! The English subject has always been a passion of mine, being a book worm from the moment I learnt how to read and writing stories ever since I got a pen in my hand. In my spare time I also love writing and am constantly undergoing my own book writing, blog writing and poetry writing projects. Alongside my passion for the written word, teaching is my calling. I love nothing more than seeing learners thrive in my own classroom, whether virtually or in a physically classroom, and watching my students progress in their written, spoken, listening and reading capabilities. Making creative, captivating and engaging learning English resources is something I have always been complimented on from my fellow colleagues and students, and for years I have wanted to create my very own website where I can host my creations so that educators and learners from all over the world can have access to them. So here they are! Take a look around, settle in and get comfy, explore everything I have created and let me know what you think! To learn more about my background and journey into teaching, visit my About Me page and follow my blog where I explore more teaching and learning related topics. 

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Natalie Hayes

A warm-hearted passionate English educator from the UK. Possessing a PGCE in teaching Secondary English from The University of Manchester with Qualified Teacher’s Status, and a BA with Honors in English Literature with Creative Writing. Natalie has over ten years teaching experience teaching overseas and in the UK, to students in nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, online, in colleges and universities.