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My name is Natalie, the founder, creator and one woman CEO of The Ponder Box. I am a certified teacher from the UK and a homeschool mama of two beautiful, little people who keep me on my toes. Since stepping foot in education 12 years ago, I have dedicated my career to understanding how learners, learn, and forged a committment to remaining curious, open to new ideas and methodologies, and continuously learning about what works in the “classroom”, and what doesn’t.

Over the years, as a parent, educator, and learner myself, I have obtained a plethora of tips and tricks which I now keep in what I call my Effective Teaching Toolbox. Two years ago, when the pandemic hit, as teachers were faced with adapting to a new way of teaching, and as parents were faced with the demands of having to balance their own work commitments and homeschooling, I realized I had solutions, right here in my box, to the challenges educators, learners, and parents were being faced with, and so, The Ponder Box was born. 


Natalie Hayes

Educator of 12 years, PGCE in English with QTS, BA in English with Creative Writing, MA in Creative Writing (undergoing), mother of two adorable cherubs, wife, a lover of books, creativity and all things thought provoking… 


The Ponder Box

The Ponder Box is an independent publishing company dedicated to bringing inspirational and purposeful educational and self-development centric resources and ideas to educators, schools, and learners, everywhere. Our resources are available right here on our website, as well as: Tes, Etsy, and Amazon. You will find links to external sites throughout our website here. 

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