Explore our range of planning resources for teacher’s here. Whether you are looking for curriculum objectives, planning frameworks, lesson plan or scheme of work templates, look no further. 

An Essential Planning Resource

Curriculum Objectives

Get the English curriculum objectives here for the UK National Curriculum. Keep track of your learning goals and ensure your planning is in line with the UK National Curriculum objectives.

For Self-Care

You can’t fill the cups of others with an empty pot. Teaching and working in education is a demanding job, and teachers are often prone to putting the needs of others before their own, but you can’t help others while pouring from an empty cup. These recommended resources are our top choices for teachers. Self-care is just as important as lesson planning, so make it a top priority. 

Law of Attraction Planner: A Journal of Self-Discovery


Brought to you by The Ponder Box © the LAW OF ATTRACTION PLANNER is a self-discovery journal packed with inspirational, meaningful and thought-provoking quotes to live by and writing prompts designed for you to discover your true self. This journal will guide you through self-discovery, dig into your fears, inner held beliefs and dreams, and offer the space to discover what life (and living it) means to you. Manifest your dream life through the law of attraction. Includes scripting pages!



Law of Attraction Planner (Green)

Law of Attraction (Pale Pink)

Live Your Best Life (Pink)

High quality premium paper**

12 Week Gratitude Journal

A Ponder Box Product! 

This 12 week gratitude journal will help you to form a daily practice of gratitude, proven to combat negative emotions like anxiety, depression, jelousy, greed. Gratitude teaches us that what we have is enough. Take on the gratitude challenge now. With the stresses that come along with the responsibilities of educators, developing a practice of gratitude is essential to improving your mental health and well-being. 


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