What is FGM?


At least 200 million girls and women have been subject to Female Genital Mutilation worldwide. Despite the practice being deemed a human rights violation by the UN, FGM is still an ongoing practice, with girls as young as four having to suffer the consequences of the barbaric tradition. With girls in the UK increasingly at risk of becoming victims of FGM practices, it is now crucial that we teach our young girls and their peers to develop an awareness of what FGM is, why it is practiced, and how to spot signs of someone who may be at risk or may have been a victim of FGM.

This full lesson teaches students what FGM is, why it is common practice in some parts of the world, and what they should do if they see the signs of someone or themselves at risk. By the end of this lesson, students will have an understanding of the practice and the critical thinking skills to be able to identify the risk. It is recommended that teachers add in a slide that outlines who students should speak to in the school if they should suspect themselves or another individual at risk or a victim of FGM.