What is COVID19? Research Task


Students have been faced with the challenges of adapting to the new online learning climate all over the world because of COVID19, but how much do your students know about the virus, its effects and the way it spreads?

Using what students are exposed to on a daily basis as a portal for developing key language skills is a great way to help students engage. This lesson allows students to partake in independent study skills to understand more about COVID19 and develop an understanding of critical analysis skills when evaluating sources for reliability and developing their ability to summarize key points from a nonfiction text.

Learning Objectives:

  • To be able to read and understand texts for a wide range of purposes and audiences.
  • To be able to critically evaluate nonfiction sources of information for reliability.
  • To be able to write objective summaries effectively.

This resource includes extension tasks for higher achievers.

Expected teaching time – at least two lessons.

This resource works well for online learning!


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