Socratic Circle Task Sheet


Socratic Circles are an excellent way to help your students develop effective listening & communication skills, as well as forming a strong understanding of what it means to critically analyse a text or topic. During Socratic Circles, your students will be responsible for leading a group discussion on a particular topic or piece of literature, prompted through targetted questioning by the Socratic Facilitator (usually the classroom teacher). This resource includes a 3 page PDF document that you can provide to students to outline the objectives, purpose, expectations and guidance for participating in a Socratic Circle.

GCSE English Assessment Objectives

AO1:  Identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and ideas; select and synthesise evidence from different texts

AO2: Explain, comment on and analyse how writers use language and structure to achieve effects and influence readers, using relevant subject terminology to support their views

AO3: Compare writers’ ideas and perspectives, as well as how these are conveyed, across two or more texts

AO9: Use spoken Standard English effectively in speeches and presentations.


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