Key stages 1 & 2

Primary School English Resources

The Alphabet

For letter recognition and phonics awareness, alphabet flashcards are a great resource to use in the English classroom for early years, key stage 1 and low-level learners. These visually captivating flashcards come in all different shapes and sizes. You may even find the off freebie printable or two!


Teaching phonics to little people is no easy feat! Some learners just get it while others seriously struggle. Make learning phonics easy, whether you are a home educator or teacher, these phonics games are designed to help your little learners grasp the concept of phonics effortlessly!


Young learners LOVE learning with their hands and playdough is an excellent classroom resource to use for primary. Learning the shapes of both capital and lower case letters can be tricky, but you can make it super easy (and fun) with letter playdough mats!


Alpaphet worksheets are a given in any key stage 1 classroom. Help your little ones develop effective handwriting skills, letter recognition for lower and upper case letters, phonics awareness and association. Your tiny ones will love the activities in built in these alphabet worksheets!


Key Stage 2 Resources Coming Soon!