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The Foundation Year

Key Stage 1

Key stage 1 is known as the foundation year in the British curriculum. In this important stage of your child’s learning, your child will build a strong foundation of literacy skills, understanding math concepts, alongside developing positive peer relationships and social skills. 

Learning the Alphabet

Key Stage 1 English


Get the Key Stage 1 English Learning Objectives here. Display these around your classroom or by your desk to stay on track with planning and teaching for the UK National Curriculum. 

CVC Words

great for numeracy skills

SumBlox Mini (Starter Set)


38 Mini Math Building Blocks, includes Wooden Box, and 36 All-New Activity Cards

These wooden blocks are one of our favourite products, ideal for teaching basic numeracy skills and beyond. These blocks can help little learners to practice addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, symmetry and reflection, imaginative building skills, cardinal, nominal and ordinal numbers and a wide range of other mathematical concepts.

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