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The Ponder Box is dedicated to creating and sharing high-quality resources for schools, teachers, and learners. Finding resources for schools to help improve the standard of teaching and learning can be a real challenge for school administrators, but the importance of school resources that are purposeful and beneficial for their intended use is increasingly high. Watch this space to find our school resources catalogue where we will share our best educational resources for schools. Our school resources page will offer institutes worldwide solutions to the lack of resources in schools and educational establishments. Our educational resources will include: 

  • well-being resources for students and teachers (PSHE focused planning resources)
  • curriculum planning resources 
  • teacher training resources
  • school-wide initiatives and ideas to increase engagement, learning and student well-being
  • FREE school resources that you will love! 
  • up to date 21st century learning initiatives 
  • recommended reading lists for schools
  • much, much more!

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