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In 1896, Maria Montessori became the first ever female graduate of medical school in Rome, Italy. An unlikely participant in the field of medicene, being the only female doctor in Italy at the time, Montessori was placed in roles where she predominantly worked with sick, disabled and disadvantaged children as a peditrician in her early career. Throughout her career, Montessori spent her time observing the intrinsic intelligence that sits within young children, and gradually her curiosity in the world of education and child development grew. Today, we can thank many of our EYFS practices to Maria Montessori’s work in early childhood development. Small, child sized tables, accessible shelves, wooden shapes and object permenence boxes are just some of the popular equipment found in a typical nursery and/or EYFS classroom, all thanks to The Montessori Method. Arguably, Montessori’s biggest contributor to the field of education is the concept of learning through play and the natural desire children have to learn. Montessori recognized that through intrinsic motivation, children could learn complex concepts for hours on end, without distraction, should we only recognize the capabilities and the desire to learn which lies within all children. Here at The Ponder Box, we know how important Montessori’s work is, especially when teaching young children, and this is why our resources have been designed with Montessori  and her theories on education and child development in mind. View our wide range of Montessori inspired resources below. To learn more about Maria Montessori and her teachings, visit my blog on Why Montessori Still Works. 


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