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Dedicated to staying curious.

About Us

Our goal is to inspire, empower and equip people with the tools to live a more wholehearted life.

Finding balance in life is a real challenge. From work committments to trying to persue personal passions, from ticking off financial goals to taking a well-earned break from the whirl wind we call life. The Ponder Box was designed to provide people around the world with the tools to find balance, improve their overall wellness and live a more wholehearted life. 

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The Ponder Box Stay Curious podcast is a safe space where Natalie, host and founder of TPB, speaks with guests to explore topics all of us want the answers to. Join us as we deep dive into complex, sometimes uncomfortable and much needed topics of discussion. All in the persuit of living a more balanced and fullfilled life!

The Wellness Blog

Life can be overwhelming, chaotic and stressful – but it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at our wellness blog where we explore key tips and insights on how to improve life balance in every aspect. 

Paperback & Hardback

Gratitude Journal

Take on the 100 days of gratitude challenge with a journal dedicated to self-care.

Paperback & Hardback

Khaki Green Gratitude Journal

Build a positive attitude with this unique, Khaki green gratitude journal.

Paperback & Hardback

Gratitude Journal

With 100 days of prompts, you’ll find your mindset shifting with this unique, self care journal.

Paperback & Hardback

Light Blue Gratitude Journal

Are you ready to take on the gratitude challenge? Embark on a journey of self care now.

Paperback & Hardback

Dark Blue Gratitude Journal

Build a daily practice of self-care with the 100 days of gratitude journal.

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