1,000 Books Before Year 1

I first heard about the 1,000 books before Kindergarten initiative from a teacher friend several years back. The initiative, which I believe originated in Canada, poses to parents the goal of reading to their child 1,000 books before they start Kindergarten. It sounds like a lot, but re-reading the same books is also approved of in the program, and if you think about it, one book per day equates to 365 books per year, in two years that’s 730 books and in three years that’s 1,095 books! Choosing books can be tough, and let’s be honest, not all are made equal, which is why I have made a list here of 100 books to get you started that come highly recommended, and which our family and my students over the years, have also loved. The books recommended here are handpicked for great content, beautiful stories, and their ease of supporting emerging readers with forming those oh-so-important foundational literacy skills.